Child support switzerland

I am a non EU national and want to know what the swiss laws are in general regarding divorce, alimony and child support? Juli 2013Child support law enforced outside SwitzerlandBeiträge11. Juni 2011Child support rules in SwitzerlandBeiträge10.

They need to determine what a reasonable amount of child support is. This is required by Swiss Law for the protection of the child. If the father has not acknowledged . Family allowances in Switzerland: who is eligible and how much child allowance, training allowance, education allowance, birth allowance and adoption .

Since January 200 a child acquires his father’s Swiss citizenship even if the. Legal questions related to child support and caregiving shoul like parental . Get more information on child maintenance and helpful addresses here. Find Child Support law offices and lawyers in Switzerland for your city.

A Swiss court has ordered Nigerian football star Ideye Brown to pay his former partner, a resident of Neuchâtel, 2160francs ($225000) in . A shows that child support payments are determined by either parents, courts,.