How to divorce in switzerland

What you need to know about your divorce: the procedure, child custody and maintenance payments,. Who will get custody and how to arrange joint custody. Make an agreement on how to deal with consequences of the divorce.

An introduction to your rights and responsibilities when a marriage is ending, and a guide on how to file for divorce in Switzerland. In Switzerlan family affairs such as marriage, parenthood and divorce are regulated by the Swiss Code of Civil Law (ZGB, art. 90-251). Has anyone here gone throught a divorce?

If so, i would really appreciate a few tips on the what and how’s to do.

Juni 2013How long after a divorce can you remarry in. März 2012Divorce in SwitzerlandBeiträge15. Find here the legal requirements for divorce procedures in Switzerland. You can contact our Swiss lawyers for legal representation in litigation . How the decision if its or is made? Say I have 8k per month after AVS and Chommage, would the or be taken from the 8k or . Switzerland: Divorce Jurisdiction.

The organisers say people need advice on how to untie the knot as. In 20the Swiss divorce rate stood at 52.

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