Mysql optimize

You can use OPTIMIZE TABLE to reclaim the unused space and to defragment the data file. After extensive changes to a table, this statement may also improve . Use OPTIMIZE TABLE in these cases, depending on the type of table: After doing substantial insert, update, or delete operations on an InnoDB table that has its .

Die MySQL Operation OPTIMIZE TABLE reorganisiert und optimiert eine MySQL-Tabelle. Besonders für Tabellen mit vielen INSERT, UPDATE . MySQL has an OPTIMIZE TABLE command which can be used to. You can use mysqlcheck to do this at the command line.

In this post, we’re going to look at why you shouldn’t necessarily use MySQL OPTIMIZE tables to reorganize data, especially for InnoDB tables. So, it is highly recommended that you defrag your MySQL tables on an ongoing basis. This tutorial explains how to optimize MySQL to defrag . I execute below command line statement to optimize a table: optimize.

One of the most important prerequisites for achieving optimal MySQL database performance is indexing. Justin Silverton at Jaslabs has a supposed list of tips for optimizing MySQL queries. I couldn’t read this and let it stand because this list is . To reduce used space by Mysql InnoDb tables (we use file per table setting), you need to optimize table.

Otherwise the InnoDB data file just grows.