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RU host presents Your personal unlimited free photo hosting. See photos of Russia (including Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Siberia, and more) in this travel photo gallery from National Geographic.

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Image depicting Russian president with painted eyelashes and lips has been banned by the justice ministry in Moscow. Russia will finally send a team of cosmonauts to the Moon – more than years after Neil Armstrong’s Apollo effectively ended the US-Soviet space race.

Now the White House is reportedly “furious” about being “trolled” with the photos by Russia, and the Russian photographer is calling the media . We at Bored Panda love to see history come alive, which is why we think you’ll also like this series of colorized photos by Russian Flickr user klimbims. Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was detained amid mass protests against Vladimir Putin’s government that led to hundreds of . Back in college, I took a survey class on Russian history, taught by one. To his right, in sailor’s cap, is Fedir Shchus′ (Russian State Archive of Film and Photography, Krasnogorsk).

From the period of the Russian Federation onwar only military satellites have had. PHOTO-RECONNAISSANCE Discoverer and Zenit were the beginning of . The role of photography in Soviet society was a hotly contested subject — artistic expression, or tool for uplifting the proletariat — and for . These photos of US president Donald Trump’s meeting with Russian officials last week (May 10) led to raised eyebrows because US media . Photo album Russia Beyond The Headlines. CONTENTS Gonzalez Photo by Alexandr Cheban, Ivan Dementievskiy .