Swiss divorce law

What you need to know about your divorce: the procedure, child custody and. Switzerland following the divorce or spouse’s death? In what circumstances can I apply for a divorce?

In Switzerlan family affairs such as marriage, parenthood and divorce are regulated by the Swiss Code of Civil Law (ZGB, art. 90-251). If you are filing for divorce in Switzerlan there are several procedures and.

Switzerland are very small and as same-sex marriage has only been legal since . Switzerland: Divorce Jurisdiction.

Support a common-law partner – What do you need to do? Optimize your retirement savings after divorce – How can you maintain the best-possible retirement . Foreign decisions on divorce or legal separation are normally recognised in Switzerland when handed down in the country of domicile or of . BTW, Swiss law is very tough on the person demanding the divorce although in theory they dissolved the issue of the blame. I would be grateful if anyone could share your experience regarding the legal separation through Swiss Code of Civil Law. Juni 2010Advise Needed on Divorce Law-Living Elsewhere. Helping couples untie the knot – SWI swissinfo.

Divorces have been steadily rising in Switzerlan and to help couples deal with their separation, the country’s first divorce fair. Family affairs on the other han are controlled by the Swiss Code of Civil Law. This includes marriage, divorce and separation. They will also discuss how trust assets and distributions from a trust to a spouse are qualified in the context of Swiss divorce proceed-.

Give a brief history of the main developments of your divorce law. Divorce law is one of most litigated areas in Switzerland. Divorce or dissolution of marriage is the ending of a marriage before the death of either spouse, which . The aim of Swiss divorce law is to fundamentally ensure that both spouses are economically independent following a divorce.

Divorce and separation are governed by Swiss law. It can be otherwise if the spouses are of the same foreign nationality, and are domiciled in Switzerland. Legal advice and representation in divorce. The Swiss Partnerschaftsgesetz, or Partnership Act (German acronyPartG), has been in force since January . In Switzerlan the division of income between spouses is referred to as. Divorce: legal dissolution of a registered partnership.

The term “separation” requires some caution within the legal universe, since it may refer to different situations. Teacher of matrimonial law for AZEK, The Swiss Training Centre for Investment. Recognition and enforcement in Switzerland of English divorce .