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Carolyn Hax is an advice columnist for The Washington Post. Advice columnist Carolyn Hax your questions. Dear Carolyn: If someone does something nice for you but it turned out to be more of a hassle or you didn’t appreciate the gesture, how do you politely tell them . Carolyn Hax is a syndicated advice columnist for The Washington Post. Read her column, Dear Carolyn, daily on seattletimes. Find advice from Washington Post columnist Carolyn Hax, provided by the Idaho Statesman newspaper.

Carolyn Hax: Mother’s passing leads to ethical question on how much to leave to grandkids.

Read Carolyn Hax’s advice in the St. Carolyn Hanley Hax is a writer and columnist for the Washington Post and author of the eponymous advice column Carolyn Hax The column debuted in 1997 . Only if the waiter washes our car. I do not want my father to go into debt for the wedding of his dreams . Tagen – Carolyn: My daughter and son-in-law live an hour from us and we meet once a month or so at a midpoint restaurant for dinner.

Up until this point, he never paid any attention to what he ate. There were a few years after the surgery where he consistently .

DEAR CAROLYN: I am getting married this winter. My fiance and I want a small formal ceremony. We found a small chapel that holds only 12.

Tagen – DEAR CAROLYN: My 11-year-old daughter is going through a phase right now of extreme, black-and-white thinking. Tagen – Their 11-year-old daughter is going through the phase of right is right and wrong is wrong. I’ve had this account for at least twice as long as .

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