Divorce in switzerland

What you need to know about your divorce: the procedure, child custody and. Switzerland following the divorce or spouse’s death? You can only get a divorce in Switzerland if it is impossible or unreasonable to submit the petition for divorce in abroad in the place where one or both of the .

If you are filing for divorce in Switzerlan there are several procedures and requirements for processing the divorce. In Switzerlan family affairs such as marriage, parenthood and divorce are regulated by the Swiss Code of Civil Law (ZGB, art. 90-251).

Has anyone here gone throught a divorce? If so, i would really appreciate a few tips on the what and how’s to do.

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Divorce – any help would be appreciated – Switzerland forums. I am sadly yes another one in the process of getting divorced and would like to know if anyone knows the rules on two points.

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Divorces have been steadily rising in Switzerlan and to help couples deal with their separation, the country’s first divorce fair. Switzerland’s divorce rate is pretty average, but some parts of the country seem more conducive to wedded bliss.