Hard gay

Er ist vor allem durch die von ihm verkörperter Figur Razor Ramon Hard Gay . Hard Gay rose up to become one of the top faces of the HUSTLE promotion, but his pro wrestling career came to an abrupt end in July 20when he . Hard Gay Game Show Fun Part- Duration: 1:32.

Hard Gay Sic Radical- Por que fazem isto as crianças? Ramon Hard Gay or Razor Ramon Sumitani, an eccentric supposedly gay man . The wrestling persona of comedian Masaki Sumitani, Hard Gay is the embodiment of every offensive gay stereotype you’ve ever hear wearing an SM fetish . Hard Gay help a ramen shop in need.

Watch Funny Videos,Clips,Jokes and Pranks from around the world at Videobash. Japanese comedian Masaki Sumitani going by the name of Razor Ramon HG (a.k.a Hard Gay). He dresses in lycra, reminiscent of the stylings of The Village . Some say that he disappeared into the jungles of the Amazon and has since been living among a remote cannibalistic tribe of tree-dwelling .