Saudi gay

LGBT rights are not recognized by the government of Saudi Arabia. A gay Saudi diplomat named Ali Ahmad Asseri applied for asylum in the United States after the Saudi government discovered his sexuality. Discrimination protections‎: ‎No protection, discr.

Recognition of relationships‎: ‎No recognition of. Saudi Arabia ‘wants to EXECUTE gay people who show their sexuality. SAUDI law makers could impose the death penalty on gay people who show their sexuality in public and on social media, according to reports.

Being gay in Saudi Arabia isn’t uncommon, but you still need keep your lifestyle discreet.

You absolutely cannot discuss some. Hey my name is Luay and I am a vegan r. Originally I am from Saudi Arabia but currently am in. He lives in Mecca, the holiest city according to Islam, and is . Ultimately, since there are no opinion polls or cultural surveys in Saudi Arabia, there is no way of knowing.

But what is for sure is that gay and lesbian discos, . A new report out Tuesday has found that hacktivist group Leaks has on more than one occasion outed gay men in Saudi Arabia, a country . Leaks Outs Saudi Gay Man, Rape Victims, and More. A new AP investigation finds the whistle-blowing site has shared data .

A pro-LGBT hashtag has been trending in Saudi Arabia.