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Tinder App Problems (18+) DM Submissions. Everyone is an authority on art, bent on dissecting every detail. Dating app Tinder has stepped up its international expansion by hiring executives from major firms like Twitter to operations in countries across .

Twitter Is Discussing Tinder Red Flags And It’s Hilariously True. And looks like Twitter is in agreement. The penny eventually dropped for the forgetful lady’s man in the. He wrote: “My housemate matched with a boy on tinder who she’d .

If you weren’t on Twitter to watch the meltdown last night, whoever runs social media for Tinder went on an hours-long #GenerationTinder rant about the new . Its actually a master stroke by Tinder to . Tinder, Twitter and Samsung are among the tech companies coming to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. A girl got more than guys to send her $on Tinder for absolutely nothing. The best possible use for tinder pic.

Pokemon Go has already surpassed Tinder and Twitter in popularity so you won’t be surprised to hear people are apparently engaging with it . Twitter hat mir vermutlich zu mehr (gutem) Sex verholfen, als es Clubs je getan haben. Ein Profil voller Witze und (pseudo-)philosophischem . If you’re sick of selecting lovers based on appearance (so superficial, amirite) or just tired of swiping left (sorry Tinder), perhaps it’s time you .

The mobile adventure game looks set to beat Tinder, Twitter on Android. Tinder when it comes to install base on Android. Last week, Vanity Fair ran a feature story about hookup culture and the potentially damaging effects that apps like Tinder have on millennial . Wie lockt man Computerspieler an die . Wie man NICHT auf Kritik reagieren sollte: Tinder verliert auf Twitter die.

Geführt von dem oder der Twitter-Verantwortlichen der Dating-App . Twitter is currently full of users complaining about the problems with one user saying: Tinder is down.